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Curbside Trash & Recycling Collections

Why are some street routes split? Casella explains.

Charlton Street- From Worcester Street to Mechanic Street traffic light is done while we are servicing Thomas St, Olney Ave wedge for Operational efficiencies.

Marcy St.- From Hamilton St. to Marcy St. traffic light is done while we are servicing Marcy St. and Edward’s St neighborhood.

Mechanic St.- From Worcester St. to Mechanic St traffic light is done while we are servicing the wedge between Worcester St and that end of Mechanic St.

High St. from Main St traffic light to South St. is done while we service all the streets between Main and South (Hospital wedge).

Main St. from Marcy St. traffic light to Sturbridge town line is in Tuesday service area.

Sayles St. from Main St. to South St. is done while servicing all surrounding streets.

Elm St.  from Main St. to Eastford Rd is done while where servicing all street to the left and right side of Elm.

High St.  from South St. to the end is all serviced while where in the upper neighborhood behind High School.

Main St.  from Marcy St. to the rotary is  serviced while we do streets on both sides.

Oaks St  (back in from Pinedale).

Elm St.  from Eastford rd. to Lebanon hill is done while servicing the neighborhoods on both sides.

Oak St. - (back in from Dennison not through st.)

Tipton Rock Rd from the Lebanon hill side  (not a through st. other side serviced when we are on Woodstock rd).


Charlton St. from Mechanic st. traffic light to Charlton town line is done while servicing the backins and Guelphwood rd loop.

East Main St. from rotary to Ashland Ave serviced while in route to service Rte 169 Woodstock rd.

Mechanic St. from Charlton St. to rotary serviced as trucks travel from Charlton st. towards Morris st.

Tipton Rock Rd. (off Woodstock Rd.) is done while servicing rte 169 Woodstock rd. not a through road.

All adjustments are made with routing efficiency in m

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