Electronic Waste

Electronic waste (E-Waste) is considered to be any device with a cord or a printed circuit board. Most E-Waste is accepted for FREE at Household Hazardous Waste Days.

TVs and Computer Monitors need to be in good working condition to be picked up by The Salvation Army. Broken or abused TVs and Montiors will not be picked up. These items are a health hazard and will need to be brought to a Household Hazardous Waste Day.

NOTE: Televisioins and computer monitors (LCD’s and laptops) have a disposal fee of $20 each to properly dispose of them at Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Days. Pickup service is free if you schedule a bulk pickup and The Salvation Army picks these item up. Electronic items are to be located with the clothing/textiles next to the walkway closest to the house.

Did you miss the last HHW day? For a partial list of vendors that may take your items, visit the Community Resources page.

For further information on recycling electronics, see MassDEP Waste & Recycling.

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