Bulk Waste Pickup

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 7, 2015 is Labor Day and no trash or recycling will be collected that day. Also the bulk pickup will be on Wednesday September 9th. Thank you and have a safe holiday!

You cannot schedule a pickup with this form if you are using a mobile device.

Terms and Conditions

  • Residents must register in order to put their bulk waste out on Tuesday before 7 AM or Monday night after 7pm.
  • Please register the items by noon on Monday. Any request made after that time will be picked up the following Tuesday.
  • Any items left at the curb must be removed within 24 hours or you could receive a violation in the form of a payable fine ($250).
  • You are limited to 2 cubic yards of bulk waste at any one time at the curb.
  • Items must be within 3ft of the curb for pickup. If further away Casella will NOT pick it up.
  • Items must not be behind objects like fences or cars, Casella will NOT pick it up.
  • Bulk waste is an item that will not fit in your trash container.
  • Regular household trash bags are not considered a bulk item and should be in your trash container. If you have excessive household trash from a function; please bring to the Resident Convince Drop Off on Saturdays from 7am to 12 noon.

Proper preparation of bulk
Rolls of carpet, length of wood or other items of that nature need to be less than 4ft in length. All carpeting should be rolled and tied secure. Loose items need to be bundled or in a container. If they are not prepared properly Casella will not pick them up and you will be responsible for removal from the curb and proper disposal. You do not need to break down furniture. If you choose to please make sure that it is bundled or contained properly.

House, garage or cellar clean outs
Small amounts are allowed, but you should order a dumpster for these if the contents are more than 2 cubic yards. We do have a Residence ONLY convenience drop off on Saturdays from 7am to 12 noon. You may bring ONE load of 2 yards or less. This could be a combined load of bulk items, recycling, scrap metal, trash or yard waste. Please click here for details.

Landlord apartment cleanouts of any size
Are not allowed and considered commercial. Please call a local hauler to have a dumpster delivered or items removed. Anyone found in violation will be subject to a fine if the items are found at the curb after bulk pickup is completed.

Restricted and hazardous items
TVs,computers, monitors, CRTs, electronics, dry wall (sheetrock), household hazardous waste, propane tanks, engines, fluorescent bulbs, mercury containing items, appliances with refrigerant, tires, wood stoves, trash bags are NOT accepted curbside for bulk pick up from Casella.


Failure to adhere to Terms and Conditions may result in a Town of Southbridge By-Law violation in the form of a payable fine. Please be advised.


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